Join bounty programs offered by MyCreditChain and get free tokens!

  • Friendship Bounty
    You will receive MCC tokens as much as your followers have invested in once you become an MCC Supporter. Click “Support MCC Now” on MyPage to become an MCC Supporter. ( ※ MyCreditChain is currently holding Friendship Bounty. However, the bounty campaign can be closed early with a prior notice.)
  • Basic Bounty
    Create your MCC account / 10 MCC tokens, Go through the KYC procedure / 20 MCC tokens
  • Special Bounty
    No one really knows when and how secret events are going to take place. They are guerrilla events. Please pay close attention to our chat room!
  • Referral Program

    You will receive 10 MCC tokens if a referred user clicks on one of your referral links and register for MyCreditChain.

    Your referral link is created once you create your account and finish the KYC procedure.

    How does it work :
    You can share your referral links on various platforms so that people can join the MyCreditChain webpage.
    Period :
    The referral program will be open until the end of MyCreditChain ICO.
    Bonus :
    You get two times of your original rewards for multiples of 10 (Refer to the below table)
No. of people who register for MCC Original reward Bonus reward Total MCC
5 50 - 50
10 100 100 200
15 150 100 250
20 200 200 400
25 250 200 450
30 300 300 600
... ... ... ...

* Bonus : You get two times of your original rewards for multiples of 10