• Anyone can download and use the MCC App from the App Store. The procedure is following. First, download the Wallet App, and follow KYC according to the countryspecific procedure, and then verify your identity. Once KYC is complete, you can generate personal credit information. The items to be contained and the levels of exposure are to be set at your choosing. In order to generate your personal credit information, it may be necessary to directly perform individual access procedure for each official information provider. You can allow a 3rd party authorized analyst to access your personal credit information to produce more valuable analytical information. After you generate your personal data, you will be asked to provide personal credit information by the financial institutions. When there is a request for information, MCC App will send you a push alarm, and the information request notification will pop-up on your screen. Then, you can decide whether to provide information after reviewing requesting organization, the scope of the information request, the price for the offer, and so on.

      In addition, you can apply for a loan after selecting a financial institution. For this procedure, you must provide tokens to send the information requested by the financial institution as an application fee. There are two ways to execute a loan; one is by visiting a counter and making a loan contract and executing it like a financial institution's existing business method. The other method is getting a loan with MCC tokens, you will receive MCC tokens through its own smart contract. Individuals can participate in the 2P Airdrop every day and receive the tokens in proportion to the fruits received.
      Airdrop can be sent to your friends in your address book, SNS, and by the phonenumber (text message), QR code, or email. The recipient can join the MCC network to receive the fruit which later gets converted to token.

      Big data analysts, credit rating agencies, AI robots, etc. can participate in the MCC network as 3rd party. A 3rd party applicant needs to follow a separate application procedure and will only be allowed to access the network after the verification and approval by MCC Foundation. The 3rd Party will have access to personal credit information at the owner’s approval and will be allowed to analyze the information with its own algorithm. The analyzed results are added to the personal credit information and can be sold at the request of the financial institution. If the additional information produced by the 3rd party is sold, the payment will be distributed 1/3 to individuals and 1/3 for the node operators, and 1/3 for the 3rd party itself.

      The purpose of the financial institution in the MCC network may be largely to secure customer information for marketing and to establish a virtual branch within MCC to accept customer's loan application. Financial institutions are required to follow a separate application procedure and get access to the network after verification and approval by MCC foundation. When a financial institution wishes to accept a loan application, it will receive the applicant's information after registering a product to be sold. The execution of the loan proceeds as a separate process. When a financial institution requests customers to provide their personal credit information for marketing purposes, it will set up the target customers by various categories, register the compensation method, and send queries into the MCC network. The information is, then, gathered from the customers who approved it, and the information is encrypted and sealed so that no one other than the financial institution that requested and paid for it can have access to it.

      Anyone can join as a node operarator with sufficient hardware & network resources. Applicants will download MCC Node API provided by MyCreditChain to connect to the network in the designated way. The API will check the security environment of the server to determine the access. Each node is connected to the MCC wallets in the vicinities. Each node will perform data collection & analysis, and supply storage for data & backup and restore information ono demand. All Data is replicated and distributed between nodes through sIPFS. The node serves to make the MCC network operate efficiently, and all nodes will be compensated according to the activities it provides for individuals/financial institutions/3rd parties linked with them

  • Credit information of each individual is handled and managed in the MCC network. [Sensitive information] is stored on the owner’s personal device, minimizing the risk of leakage and maximizing individual control. Relatively [non-sensitive information] is stored encrypted in sIPFS. This arrangement ensures efficient Storage/reference/analysis/delivery of information while maintaining safety. [Network Activity Information] such as P2P Airdrop is processed and stored in a separate Private Blockchain platform due to its closed nature and the large amount of daily data processing. The MCC network operates two networks: MCC token and MCC seed interworking with sIPFS.

  • Anyone can apply for anyone else’s information. If you want to apply for viewing, you must send it to the other party with an appropriate fee(token) for the information. The person requested will check the request on his/her wallet and decide whether to accept it. When you request a large volume of information in a form of search query, your request will trigger push alarms on those wallets satisfying your search. Until you reach the number of customers you want to receive, the network will support your search until the total number is met. On the completion of the task, your application will be closed automatically

  • Personal and credit information cannot be edited even by the owner. MCC network collects and stores only objective information obtained directly from various platforms by automatic procedure. Therefore, even if there is an error in the information, the information cannot be changed until the correction is done on the original data in the financial or public institutions.

  • Anyone downloading the application and participating in the MCC network will automatically be entitled to the P2P Daily Airdrop.

  • Everyone in the network is given 3 seeds, but there is no limit to the number of fruits you can receive.

    • You are presented with 3 seeds at 00:00 GMT every day, which you can give anyone except yourself (you can give to the person outside of the MCC network). You can send only one seed per person. Any Seed not given within 24 hours will be discarded. If a seed is given to the same person in multiple days, the value of each seed will change in proportion to the interval.

      The seed upon reception will turn to a fruit right away. The value of the fruit is automatically calculated according to the person's receiving interval. If a seed is given by the same person who gave yesterday, only one tenth of value will be recognized. If the seed is given by the same person in nine days, it is given 9/10. If there is more than ten days difference, one full fruit value will be recognized.

      10,000 tokens are airdropped daily. People who joined the MCC network and received fruits in one day interval will receive a payout out of 10,000 tokens as proportion to the total fruits received in the MCC network. The lesser people are active in the network, the more token will be given to each person with fruit.